Nutrition Coaching

Pricing Options

Flexible Diet Plan

  • 1 Hour Initial consultation
  • Assessment of current diet
  • Customized macro-nutrient recommendations
  • Meal planning template
  • Unlimited email and phone support for duration of plan
$140+ tax/month

*20% off for 12 month membership holders

Habit-Based Coaching

  • Year-long education curriculum (2-10 minutes of daily education)
  • Weekly action plans to develop healthy and sustainable eating habits
  • Regular communication and feedback from your coach
  • In-person sessions every 2 months or as needed
  • Unlimited email and phone support for duration of plan

Payment options:

$125+ tax payments x 3 months ($375.00)

*20% off for 12 month membership holders


  • High school groups
  • Sports teams
  • Workplaces
$175.00 for 30-45 minute presentations
(includes planning fee)

*Review your health insurance plan, as it may cover dietitian services.

About our Nutrition Program

Dallas Odgers, owner and registered dietitian offers a variety of nutrition coaching programs with CrossFit North Battleford. Clients will focus on macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), meal planning and prepping, and habits and will be given a step-by-step template on what to do! There are two programs offered: The “Flexible Diet Plan” program costs $175 per month and includes a 1 hour initial consultation, assessment of current diet, a meal planning template and more! The “Habit-Based Coaching” program costs $300 and includes 2-10 minutes of daily education, weekly action plans, one-on-one sessions when needed and much more! See above for more details on each of the nutrition coaching programs provided. If you have any questions regarding the Nutrition Coaching offered email:


Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to increasing total quality of life and is the first step to becoming a healthier you!

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